TASTY TREAT | Peanut butter energy balls recipe


I whipped some of these easy to make, no bake, peanut butter energy balls before the boyfriend and I went on a couples trip last weekend. With a 3 hour car ride and a weekend full of activities, I knew we would need something for nourishment and easy snacking.

I can’t take credit for creating the recipe (I found it on Pinterest, like most recipes these days), but I made a few tweaks and alterations to make them even better. There are no “exact” measurements for this recipe… you just have to pour, stir, and taste!

Ingredients (this will make about 10-ish balls, depending on the size)
energyballs_oatmeal– old fashioned oats (about a cup and a half)
– peanut butter (a few tablespoons)
– honey (a teaspoon or two)
– flax seed (if you have it, just a teaspoon or two)
– candy (half a bag of M&Ms)
– vanilla (a teaspoon)

You just mix everything together! It’s that simple! You want to be able to form the ball into the size of a gumball, or a bit larger. If the mixture is too dry to form balls that will hold together, add a bit more peanut butter. If the mixture is too wet, add a few more oats. And voila! Peanut butter energy balls.

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