IMPULSE BUY | Kate Spade sailor’s knot ring

kate spade box

Being stuck in bed sick is never fun. After a while, you get bored of flipping through Facebook, reading, and napping. The danger of that boredom is online shopping!

Ever since my best friend bought me little gold rings for my birthday (I wear them every day! I’m obsessed), I have been dying to expand my ring collection. In my cold medicine drugged-up state, I was determined to buy myself a new little gold ring.

Kate Spade items are amazing quality! Some are a bit overpriced, but some are very reasonable. I stumbled upon their website and started to peruse their rings. Anything that is nautical, I automatically fall in love with. And to my happy surprise, I found a sailor’s knot gold ring. I even lucked out picking a day they were offering 20% off AND free two day shipping! SOLD :)

kate spade sailor ring

The two days took forever to pass, but the moment I received the ring in the mail I instantly felt better!


I will never stop wearing my little gold rings my friend got me, but this Kate Spade sailor’s knot ring will be a new staple, for sure!


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