LATEST ADVENTURE | Colonial Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Winery

Williamsburg Winery

My married friends invited the boyfriend and me on a vacation to Williamsburg last weekend. Eager to get out of DC, we automatically said yes!

The drive was supposed to take 2.5 hours, but ended up taking 4… we were not happy campers. We rolled into the hotel finally around midnight on Friday. Our wild and crazy evening consisted of a quick “hello” to our friends, followed by an even quicker “goodnight”.

The next morning we all woke up refreshed and ready to explore Colonial Williamsburg!

Colonial Williamsburg

The day was beautiful and Fall had officially arrived.

Fall Williamsburg

We saw a town uprising over confiscated gun power, a parade of little drummer boys, and some potential new fashion trends to try out.

Williamsburg attire

We stopped for lunch at one of the traditional taverns, the King’s Arms.

Kings Arms Colonial Williamsburg

We dined like we were back in the 1700s and warmed up with some hot, brandy spiked, ciders. This was followed by hearty servings of “Norfolk Pottage Pie” and “A Dish of Beef”. There was no calorie counting during this meal.

spiked cider

caught WilliamsburgAfter exploring the town for another hour, we decided we wanted to switch from the revolution to wine. We were off the the Williamsburg Winery!


We signed up for a tasting and tried 7 different wines made at the winery. After hinting that I loved reds, she gave us two additional wines to try. My wino tastebuds were very pleased!

WW tasting

Every time she would pour though, it appeared as if she had a heavy hand when it came to the boyfriend’s glass. The three of us looked at him with envy, wondering what he had done to be poured such a large “taste” every time. He just ginned and sipped away.

Williamsburg Winery pour

The tasting was not only affordable ($6!), but also amazing! We almost did it again, but felt that may be frowned upon. So we happily wandered the wine shop in a warm, wined-up state, picking and choosing what wines to take home.

WW wine

We found a few :) then walked the grounds, soaking up every last ounce of beautiful weather.

friends winery

winery fun

me and the boyfriend

Couples Wiliamsburg Winery
We packed up our bags the next day and headed back to the real world… not before stopping for a quick breakfast feast along the way though!

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