SIMPLE RECIPE | Black bean burger


On a rainy Sunday night, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the grocery store. So I began my frantic search through the kitchen cabinets and fridge to see what I could mix together to form some sort of dinner.

A can of black beans come to the rescue! Looks like it will be black bean burgers for dinner.

I had never made black bean burgers before, but I figured since I had the core ingredients, it couldn’t be too hard.

Ingredients (makes about 4-5 patties, depending on the size):

– one can of black beans

– half an onion, diced

– half a cup (ish) of bread crumbs

– one egg, beaten

– garlic powder, to taste

– pepper, to taste

– dried herbs, to taste

I drained my can of beans with my awesome can strainer! (I’m weirdly in love with this little thing, it’s truly handy), saving the juice in a cup just in case I needed any later to make the patties wetter.


From there I used a fork and aggressively started to mash the beans to a half whole, half smashed puree.


I mixed in the bread crumbs, egg, onions, garlic powder, pepper, and a few dried herbs.



You want to be able to form patties that stay together (obviously). If they are too dry, add a little of the extra black bean juice, if they are too wet, add a few more bread crumbs.


Now, you just pop them in a pan and cook until brown! While you wait, pour yourself a glass of wine :) Every chef deserves a treat.


About 2 minutes before they are done cooking, sprinkle a little cheese on top to melt.


Serve and enjoy!


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