HOLIDAY GIFT | Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady watch

I escaped the snow storm on Thanksgiving Eve in DC and made my way to the Sunshine State! Although I have a horrible cold (great timing on my end) my family greeted me with hugs, kisses, and a special gift!

Daniel Wellington Watch

I have read so many blog posts over the last few months about Daniel Wellington watches. I love classic looking watches and am always wearing one, no matter if it’s 6am in bed reading emails or 11pm at a bar (I am still on the hunt for a good workout watch though!).

I had dropped the hint to my parents, explaining it would be a perfect gift for “Santa” to get me, and it looked like Christmas was coming early this year!

The box was almost as pretty as the watch itself!

Daniel Wellington

I present to you, the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady watch!


A beautiful rose gold face and black leather band.

Daniel Wellington watch

I have fallen in love! And I’m already looking at the website to see what other ones I want :)

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