THIRSTY THURSDAYS | Olivia Pope Crate & Barrel wine glass

In honor of “Thirsty Thursdays” and Scandal (Thursdays at 9pm), I bring to you my favorite wine glasses!

Olivia Pope Crate and Barrel wine glass

Crate & Barrel – Camille 23 oz. Red Wine Glass


Camille 23 oz. Red Wine Glass

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These puppies are not only beautiful and hold almost half a bottle of wine (if you do a generous pour), but they also make you feel like Olivia Pope!

My roommate and I are obsessed with Olivia.¬†From her attitude, eating/ drinking habits, and her wardrobe… we drool over every episode. Except we hate Fitz, blah!

Olivia Pope glass

In an effort to channel our inner Olivia as we watch, we consume copious amounts of red wine out of our Crate & Barrel glasses and eat popcorn :) Obviously

Cheers, Olivia.

cheers Olivia

Note: If you are clumsy, these are not the glasses for you! They are very tall and beyond fragile. (I have had a few close calls myself)

P.S. My roommate and I are in need of a new TV show (we just finished Homeland and are watching How To Get Away With Murder). Any other suggestions?

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