FITNESS COUPLE | 30-day squat challenge

fitness couple

The boyfriend and I have decided we’re getting a bit too comfortable sitting at home watching tv and drinking red wine every night. Although we both workout (he does every day… I try to every day haha), we are always looking for new ways to keep active and stay fit.

I see “30-day challenges” all the time on Pinterest… “30 days to a better butt”, “rock hard abs in 30 days”, “sexy arms in 30 days”, etc. We could all use a better butt, rock hard abs, and sexy arms, right?

So I suggested to the boyfriend that we try a 30-day workout challenge and he said “deal!”

I’m great at running and working my abs/arms out at the gym, but when it comes to squats, I forget. So I decided it would be a 30-day SQUAT challenge for me! We can all use a better butt, right? ;)

30 day squat challenge

The boyfriend has decided to just do sit-ups every night for 30 days, doing as many as he can until he can’t do anymore… not quite a real “30-day challenge”, but I’ll let it slide this time.

I think if we hold each other accountable for the daily challenge and make it a fun bedtime routine then there will be a better chance we won’t forget about it by day 4 or 5 (which is what usually happens when I try things like this).

How do you and your S.O. stay fit? Any other fun ways to incorporate a little bit of extra fitness in your daily routine that you’ve tried?

I love hearing from you! Leave a comment below and let's chat :)

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