HEALTHY DESSERT | “Fried” bananas

fried honey bananas

The other night the boyfriend was on a work call that was taking wayyy too long for my liking. As I fiddled around in the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner and giving him the evil-eye to wrap up the call, I got an urge to cook something.

I’d bought bananas the day before at the store, they weren’t very ripe yet, so it sparked an idea! I’d seen a recipe for “fried” bananas a while back that sounded super simple and required little ingredients, so I figured I would give them a whirl. Maybe a tasty dessert would coax him off the phone.

– One slightly under ripe banana
– 1 tablespoon of honey
– Cinnamon
– 1 tablespoon of water
– Olive oil

Slice up your banana into even pieces, not too thin where they fall apart, but not too thick where they won’t heat through in your pan.

sliced bananas

Put some olive oil in the bottom of your pan and place the banana slices in to begin to warm and brown. Flip to the other side and brown it as well. While they are cooking (this will only take a few minutes on each side), put your honey in a bowl and mix it with the water.

Once the bananas are brown on both sides, quickly remove the pan from the heat and pour the sweet honey/water concoction over the warm ‘naners. Watch to it sizzle, bubble, and release a delicious sweet scent into the air! (That got the boyfriends attention!)

frying bananas

Once they are done bubbling and have cooled a bit, sprinkle them with cinnamon and serve to a happily awaiting, hungry mouth. I paired mine with a delicious glass of red wine as well!

fried honey bananas

The boyfriend’s eyes were filled with excitement as it was delivered, and although he didn’t get off the phone that second, I did receive a thank you kiss. Plus, since he was distracted talking, I got to eat a bit more than my fair portion. Shh, don’t tell him ;)

fried bananas and wine

Next time I plan to serve these tasty honey “fried” bananas over vanilla bean ice cream! I’m already dreaming about it :)

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