TRENDY GYM | Equinox gym in Bethesda, MD

Equinox gym Bethesda

This may be the first time I’ve ever walked into a gym and felt underdressed and not fit enough to be there…. and I LOVED IT!

If you live in a city then I’m sure you have heard of Equinox. It’s a new gym opening up all over big cities around the US.

When my workout buddy joined one in Bethesda and asked me to make the excruciating 45 minute drive up there to try out the “coolest gym ever”, I couldn’t resist!

Equinox spin classHere were (some of) the highlights:

– They had the nicest, newest equipment (some of which I’ve never even seen or heard about before)

– They have everything you could ever need in the bathrooms to get ready for your day after a workout (shampoo, conditioner, blow dryers, towels, razors, cotton balls, etc.)

– There is a diverse workout schedule with unique classes and times so you never get bored

– The membership fee isn’t at all as high as I thought it would be. And right now they have a holiday discount! (seriously, check it out!)

– You get a chilled eucalyptuses towel after you finish your workout to cool down (no, not a joke)

Basically… it’s like gym heaven.

We did a spin class and my butt and legs are still burning, so to me, that means it was a great success! After the class I made her give me a very long, detailed, and drawn out tour of the whole place so I could see all of the beautiful, fit people :) there were so many beautiful, fit people…

Equinox gym in Bethesda, MD

If you live close to an Equinox you HAVE TO GO CHECK IT OUT! Sadly, there aren’t any close enough to me… but maybe one day soon one will open up closer. A girl can dream!

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