HAPPY HOLIDAYS | Avoiding awkward family conversations

merry christmas

There are many wonderful things about the Holidays, the main thing being family time. Now that I don’t live near my family, I cherish the times I get to fly home and see them. Chatting with my parents on the phone and texting with my sister just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Butttt, with this wonderful family time comes some uncomfortable moments as well, where you wonder (just for a second) why you were so eager to get home:

“Are you going to get a raise at work any time soon?”

“So… tell me about your new boyfriend?”

“What is your life plan…”

“Are you going to move home soon?”

“When do you want to get married? You’re almost 25 right?”

Family members love you and want the best for you. So, just be prepared with the perfect response to these types of “out of the blue” questions. Make a joke, a pun if you are feeling witty, then grab a glass of wine and say you have a work email to send out. RUN (don’t walk) to your childhood bedroom and sit amongst your stuffed animals and old textbooks to laugh at your family’s sheer un-smoothness of question asking.

The downside is, you will eventually have to go back out to the family room once you’re done “sending that work email” (aka you run out of wine in your glass), but then just repeat the same steps when another uncomfortable question simmers to the surface :) And if your family is like mine, it won’t take too long.

When these questions begin, I double check my return flight to ensure it’s all on schedule and take an extra deep breath. Merry Christmas everyone, and best of luck fielding your fun family conversations!

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