THE LIST | Printable to do lists

downloadable to do lists

I love lists! I love making grocery lists, to do lists, cleaning lists, list about list… the list goes on and on (pun intended). So as I was making one up the other day, I thought I might as well share it with you all, since I’m sure some of you are just as obsessed with list-making as I am!

Click the link below to download these printable to do lists. Depending on your mood or type of list you are creating, there are loads of fun titles to choose from!

I don’t usually swear, but I feel when I write things down on the “get shit done” list, it gives me an extra incentive to tackle the items :)

printable to do list

Am I old school for writing my to do items down still? Any great to do list apps out there that you would recommend?

P.S. Sorry for using the word “list” so many times in this post! Whoops…. just did it again :p

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