HEALTHY LIVING | Small changes to a healthier life

easy tricks to stay healthy

We all go through times in our lives when we’re a bit healthier than others. When we are a bit more active, a bit more fit, and a bit more aware of our daily activities and how they affect our mood and overall health.

Here are three things that are directly tied to your health and a few ideas on how to trick yourself into doing them more often! Your body will thank you, I promise!

I used to be horrible at drinking water. I just never understood (as dorky as it sounds) the power of water. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to trick myself into drinking more:

– Drink a cup of water before lunch and dinner.
– For every cup of coffee in the morning you must first drink a cup of water.
– Drink a cup of water before any workout, and another cup after.
– For every alcoholic beverage you have, drink a cup of water. This helps with hangovers too ;)
– Always carry a water with you.

Chances are you don’t stretch enough. The pain of a sore body, leg cramps, and pulled muscles can easily be prevented by stretching more. I never remember to stretch before a workout. And by the time my workout is done, all I can think about is getting home to relax.

So, I’ve created a little trick. I always stretch when I watch TV. I don’t start by sitting on the couch (because if I do that, I know I will never get off it). Instead, I plop myself down on the floor and stretch as I watch. It’s crazy how time flies when you are distracted. And I promise, your muscles will thank you.

Stay Active
Ever since I moved to DC and the weather got cold, I can tell my activeness has decreased by about 50%. I no longer want to walk to Starbucks on the weekend or take a run to the grocery store for an item I forgot. I don’t even want to walk down the street to grab Thai (I order it on Seamless instead). Winter is a killer for staying active, and so is the office. I work in an office where I’m lucky enough to be up and down from my desk a fair amount, but not as much as I wish. If you’re like me, and just want to get moving more (especially during winter), you have to work for it:

– Don’t grab a coffee as you walk in the office. Instead, set you stuff down and get up in 5 minutes for a cup.
– Don’t call your coworker from across the office, instead walk over to them to chat.
– When you get up to use the restroom during the day, take the long way, and turn it into more of a walking break.
– On that note, take a walk once a day. It may be outside around your building to get some fresh air, or it could be down to your lobby in your building if it’s too freezing outside.
– Take the stairs at work. It’s as easy as that!

What are some of your tricks you use to stay healthy?

I love hearing from you! Leave a comment below and let's chat :)

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