VODKA COCKTAIL | Mulled strawberry-lemonade cocktail

strawberry rosemary vodka cocktail

You have almost survived the whole work week! If you make it through today, it’s cause for celebration.

When you come home to a tasty creation with a little extra splash of vodka, it starts the weekend off on the right note!

This is a slightly sweet, and quite tasty, vodka cocktail that is so simple yet your friends will think you’ve been laboring over it for an hour.

Ingredients (one champagne flute):

– one shot of vodka (or more, I don’t judge!)
– two strawberries
– sparkling lemonade
– sprig of rosemary

vodka cocktail1) “Mull” (aka smash, cut, mash… whatever you have to do to get that berry into a nice pulp) one of the strawberries and drop it into the bottom of a champagne flute.

2) Splash in your shot of vodka :) Woohoo!

3) Pour in the sparkling lemonade until it reaches just below the glass rim.

4) Throw a sprig of rosemary and top the rim with a strawberry.

5) Now scream, “It’s the freaking weekend!” (optional step)

6) Take a sip, and feel the stress of the work week slip away :)

P.S. Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

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