THE BOOKWORM | How to trick yourself into reading more

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We all have busy lives. Things you used to love to do in your free time can quickly fade away. I found this started to happen with my love of reading. I still bought just as many books as before, but I never ended up reading them.

This last year I have really revamped my bookworm-y-ness (aka: love of reading) and I’m so happy about it! Here are a few tips and tricks I used to get back into the swing of reading daily.

Always have a book with you!
You never know when a friend will be late meeting you for lunch, your doctor will keep you sitting in the waiting room for an hour, or the Metro has a 20 minute delay. All of these are great opportunities to escape the world for a bit and read.

Turn your phone off!
Once I finally actually sit down to read a book, it’s as if everyone in the whole world is trying to reach me ( I feel the same way those rare times I lay down to take a quick cat-nap). Turning my phone off while I read is one of the best ways to prevent distractions.

Join a book club (or start your own)!
When I first moved to DC I was asked to join a book club and I’ve loved every second of it! Once a month a group of 10 girls get together to sip wine, nibble appetizers, and discuss the book of the month (the book club is meeting Thursday to discuss The Silent Sister)! My favorite part about the club (minus the food and wine) is getting to discuss the book. Discussing characters, plot twists, endings… nothing is better than gushing over an amazing book, except maybe ripping apart a horrible one :) We have no mercy in the book club.

Exchange books with friends!
My best friend from Florida and I swap books constantly! Whenever I’m home we will exchange our latest, favorite reads. Not only is it a great way to ensure you know you are going to get a great book, it’s also fun to talk about when you’re both done reading. It’s like a best friends book club!

I always read two books. One is an actual book and one is on Audible. I raved about this app a few months ago and I’m still obsessed with it! When you just don’t have time in your day to sit down for 15 minutes to read, it’s the perfect solution. I listen to my audiobook as I do laundry, cook dinner, or even get ready in the morning! It’s the perfect way to “read” when you are strapped for time. Bonus points if the narrator has an accent, it makes the story that much better to listen to ;)

What tips or tricks keep you reading during this crazy thing called adulthood?

4 thoughts on “THE BOOKWORM | How to trick yourself into reading more

  1. Carly (@carlyblogshere) February 27, 2015 / 9:50 am

    I was just debating checking out The Silent Sister from the library because they didn’t have the other DIane Chamberlain books I wanted to read. I read most of my books on my ipad, which makes it easy to always have it with me, but at the same time having email and other things on there can sometimes distract me from actually opening up my kindle app!

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    • amandanbrooks March 1, 2015 / 9:54 am

      I know how you feel! Turning off the wifi on the ipad helps me decrease distractions :)


  2. SamanthaWho August 14, 2015 / 1:53 am

    I totally agree – listening to audio books are a great way to read more! I listen on my way to and from work everyday!

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