February Favorites | A few of my favorite things about last month

goodbye february

February was a chilly chilly month, but it was filled with friends and fun! I’m very happy March has arrived though, just for the small sliver of hope it will be a tiny bit warmer.

Here are a few of my favorite things that happened last month:


birthday celebrations
Within the span of two weeks, we had four celebrations (two birthdays, anniversary and Valentine’s Day). It was great, but there is only so much cake and champagne I can eat…. well only so much I SHOULD eat :)

House of Cards!

House of Cards Season 3
We went to my friends house to binge watch season three. We dressed in red, white and blue, and had a themed potluck of American BBQ dishes in honor of Freddy. I made my favorite cornbread which was a hit! All eight of us curled up on the couch to begin watching. To keep us entertained, we played the House of Cards drinking game. (Let’s just say, Frank talked to the camera A LOT in the first few episodes).

Snow (burrrr)

snow DC

I wouldn’t say all the snow made me happy, but I’m very happy I survived the worst of winter and warmer weather is on the way!

What does March have in store for you? For me, a trip to Europe! I leave in 5 days :) I have four books and a lot of Tylenol PM packed!

I love hearing from you! Leave a comment below and let's chat :)

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