WINE BAR | Flight in DC

flight DC menu

After an interesting (but tasty) dinner at Pho DC, the boyfriend and I were trying to flag down a cab when we spotted a wine bar across the street. I’m always secretly on the lookout for wine bars :) With no cab in sight, we figured it was a sign we had to go in and check it out!

DC wine bar

We walk in to a wall of alcohol, a beautiful wood bar, and two bar stools calling our names. Flight wine bar in DC was basically heaven.

Flight wine bar

They had more wines that you could even imagine, and tasty looking nibbles. Since we already had dinner, we stuck with a glass of wine… actually two ;) But next time I will make sure to arrive hungry!

flight DC wine bar

One odd thing about the bar is that they serve the wine in short water glasses. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about it. I enjoy beautiful wine glasses, different sizes for different wines. The water glasses just didn’t do it for me. But clearly it didn’t slow me down in sipping my wine :) That part was wonderful!

Flight DC

Flight wine bar in Chinatown DC is the perfect after-dinner, date night, or girls night spot. With a fun atmosphere and dim lights, it’s the location for anything involving wine!

Flight DC cheers

Cheers! Bedtime for me :)

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