WELCOME HOME | Five house rules

how to make flowers last

The older I get, the more I can feel my OCD kick in. Plus, with a boyfriend who tends to leave his things all around the apartment and has butterfingers when holding a glass of red wine (yeah, that’s not a fun story)… it can really spark a freakout (I still love him though).

Because of this, I have come up with some house “rules” for myself to follow. Many of them are actually the opposite of “rules”… They are little things I keep in mind that help me feel calm, relaxed, and prepared for anything life throws my way.

1) Don’t cry over something broken
There is just no reason for this. Things break, you move on. You can find another picture frame and you can survive with 7 matching wine glasses instead of 8. It’s not life or death.

2) Candles are meant to be enjoyed
I love candles! Over the last two years I’ve found myself collecting them, but never using them. I place them around my apartment, but never light them. What’s the point of the candle then?? Half the reason to buy a candle is to make your home smell like a “tropical garden” or a “summer breeze”, so pull out that match!

3) Always have a bottle of wine on hand
You never know when there’s something to celebrate, you randomly have friends over, or you come home from a long day at the office and need an extra large glass. This rule is pretty self explanatory.

4) Always have fresh cut flowers
You don’t need an occasion to buy flowers for yourself. I find gorgeous, inexpensive flowers at Trader Joe’s every week! Plus, if you follow my tricks to keeping your flowers fresher, longer, then you won’t feel that they are a waste of money.

5) Always make your bed
This may seem like an odd rule, but nothing makes me happier than a made bed (note OCD comment from above). Starting every morning off by organizing my bed helps me feel prepared to start my day off on the right foot! Plus, if any unexpected house quests arrive, I’m prepared! It’s the little things in life that make me happy sometimes :)

What are the house “rules” that you follow?

I love hearing from you! Leave a comment below and let's chat :)

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