SPRING CLEANING | Cleaning out my closet

spring cleaning

It’s Spring cleaning time (I will take any excuse to clean)! Over the last few months I’ve been keeping an eye on what I’m wearing and not wearing, so this year I have a method to my Spring cleaning madness :)

At Christmas, hence the red, I tied a bow on the rack of my closet. I started out with all of my clothes to the right of it. Once I wore something, I moved it to the left of the bow. Pretty simple.

I tried to only wear things from the right that I had not worn before, but clearly there were a number of repeat wears over the last 4 months. Now that it’s Spring, I took a look at the clothes still remaining to the right of the bow… it was time to make a decision.

closet cleaning

It’s time to clean out my closet!

Step 1: Blare Eminem’s “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” to get in the mood.

Step 2: Look at every piece of clothing individually that was left to the right of the bow and ask myself…

Does it not fit or not look right on my body? Has it been too-loved and is starting to fall apart? Is it not in style anymore?

If I answered “yes” to any of those questions, I got rid of it! I haven’t worn it in months, so clearly it won’t be missed.

I spent three hours this morning cleaning my closet and there was quite a large pile of nice but unwanted items in the end. Some I put in a bag to be dropped off at a second hand store, and the others I will donate to charity. Bye bye clutter! :)

And, since my closet is so empty now… I think I’m due for a little Spring shopping :) Looks like I just made my afternoon plans!

How do you Spring clean?

P.S. Happy Easter weekend!

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