FAVORITE FRAGRANCE | My three go-to perfumes

chanel marc jacobs hermes perfumes

I’ve never been a girly-girl when it comes to beauty products and routines. Just a dash of mascara and eyeliner, spray of perfume, and I’m out the door. I never usually try new things when it comes to fragrances or makeup (I did just sign up for Birchbox to help add adventure to my beauty routine, though).

three perfumes

Since I’m so set in my ways, I have three great fragrances I have stuck with for years I thought I would share!

Un Jardin sur le Nil Hermes

Un Jardin sur le Nil – Hermès
My father bought this for me and I love it! Light with a lovely flower scent. Perfect for work, family get togethers, or interviews.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Daisy – Marc Jacobs
To me, this is a great scent for the daytime or weekend! It’s fun, light, and fresh. I used to borrow my Little’s in college all the time, so once I graduated I had to start buying it for myself. I’m on my third bottle now :)

Allure Chanel

Allure – Chanel
Perfect date night scent! That’s the best way to describe it. Every time I wear it, my boyfriend complements me :) I promise it will get you a complement or two as well!

What are your favorite, go-to perfumes?

P.S. The candle in the picture above is flameless and I have four in my apartment! I love them! Not only do they prevent me from lighting anything on fire, but they’re the perfect nightlight. They have a timer which cuts the candle on for 5 hours a day. I have them turn on around 9pm and run till 2am to make me a bit less scared of the dark at night :) They’re perfect as a nightlight in bathrooms and hallways.

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