MY INBOX | Four email subscriptions you must sign up for

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I have a tendency to subscribe to any and all email subscriptions I come across. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I love all of them. If anything, it makes me more critical of each new one. Of the dozens of emails I’ve subscribed to, I have four favorites I recommend!


theSkimm founders

If you’ve never heard of theSkimm before, click here, here, or here! If you have, then you’ll know why I’m obsessed with it. Two 20-something year old girls in Chicago started theSkimm, a daily email with current events, breaking news, and interesting tidbits. We don’t all have the time to read the newspaper or watch the news every day, but we do have time to read one email. This will make you feel prepared for your day and make you look smart in front of your boss!

Sign up and try it out for a week! I promise, this is one email you won’t unsubscribe from (ever). Not to mention, they present the news with a hint of humor and sass :) Perfect way to start every morning.

Real Simple – Daily Recipes

real simple daily recipe

I’ve made dozens of recipes from Real Simple! Everyday they send out a super simple (hence their name) recipe, requiring just a few ingredients. When I see what the dish is for the day I begin to crave it for dinner, and by 6pm I’m in the kitchen making it.

If you’re looking to try new recipes, but don’t want to hunt too hard for them or fear picking one that is less than tasty, give their daily recipe emails a try!


groupon local deals

This is a dangerous one… I warn you. You will want to buy each and every Groupon you find (especially the trip to the Caribbean for $600 including airfare and lodging, SO TEMPTING)!

There are very useful, practical ones too! A discount to a local yoga studio you have wanted to try or to a restaurant you go to frequently by your house. You save a little bit while still having fun and trying new things.

Levo League

levo league
Every heard of Levo League? I’ve been following it for a while now for career and life advice. Tailored to younger women in the working world, it gives great advice on asking for a raise, landing your dream job, and finding the perfect power outfit! They even have an online job portal. If you are a 20-something year old and looking for advice, I strongly suggest you check it out! With online seminars and mentor programs too, you’ll never get board.

Any emails I should subscribe to that you wait in anticipation for every day in your inbox? Always looking for useful, educational and fun additions to this list!

3 thoughts on “MY INBOX | Four email subscriptions you must sign up for

  1. wvnutt April 16, 2015 / 9:31 am

    Have you seen Briefing ( It offers a refreshing approach to the daily news, appealing to readers beyond the Skimm’s target audience as it employs beautiful, minimalistic design to help them understand complex world issues quickly and in context.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda B. April 16, 2015 / 12:04 pm

      This is amazing! I’ve never heard of it before. I’m subscribed now, thanks for sharing!


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