KITCHEN SCRAPS | How to regrow green onions

regrow green onions

Who would have thought you can regrow green onion over and over again in a glass of water?!

It’s super simple, a cool science project (if you ask me), and an easy way to have an unlimited supply of fresh green onion at home!

Step 1- Buy a bunch of green onion from the grocery store (this will be the last time you have to do it!).

fresh green onions

Step 2 – Use however much you need for your recipe.

Step 3 – Take the remaining ends and place them into a glass of water. I added a little paper towel in the bottom so they stand up straighter.

green onions growing in water

Step 4 – Change the water every few days, and in about a week (or so) you will have grown completely new green onions! It’s like magic :)

green onions in water

Step 5 – Cut off the fresh green onion sprigs and start back over at step 3.

growing green onions

There is now no shortage of green onions at my house :)

chopped green onions

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