BEACH BUM | Life is best served with a cold beer and a lot of fun

anchored to sunshine boat trip

Sorry about the short hiatus I took these last few days from the blogging world, I was having quite an adventure!

The boyfriend and I headed down to Florida for some sun and fun :)

anchored to sunshine florida

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen a few of my shenanigans.

I have my boaters license and have grown up on the water, but I usually only go around the gulf and ICW where I live (aka I’ve memorized every manatee zone and channel marker, so it’s not too tough).

little gasparilla boating

Saturday the boyfriend and I jumped on my boat and headed down to my friend’s island house on Little Gasparilla Island. I was the captain and was a bit petrified to say the least with this three hour trip south via boat… (cue Gilligan’s Island theme song please!)

Side note: I love Gillian’s Island :) I’m proud to admit that I have all of the seasons on DVD. I’m a Mary Ann at heart!

To my sheer relief, we survived the trip! :) I even gave the boyfriend a chance to show off his captain skills. This adventure definitely built some character for us!

boston whaler bae

From then on, my boat stayed safely tied up at the dock and my friends and I ran around the island like we were 5-year-old pirates! By about 5pm every night we were exhausted, starving, and had absorbed just about as much sun as we could handle. It’s times like this, surrounded by your friends and loved ones, that you realize just how wonderful life is.

Make sure you always take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the little things in life. Put your phone and computer away for a few days and just enjoy the present!

little gasparilla island boat

Living in DC has made me appreciate the weather, beach, and my friends from home so much more! Getting back on the plane to DC yesterday evening was not the most fun… Can I go back now?

P.S. I’m headed to North Carolina this weekend for a wedding on the beach and am staying in a house with 6 other couples! Any great snack/ dessert recipes you can recommend I should make for the weekend? I don’t want to arrive empty handed and I know there will be a lot of hungry people (including myself)!

2 thoughts on “BEACH BUM | Life is best served with a cold beer and a lot of fun

  1. I wanna go too! Oh you look stinkin’ cute!!!!!! Such a nice trip! A nice layered taco dip is always a hit with both the guys and gals or sometimes if short on time I make a homemade trail mix and throw in a scooper and Dixie cups to eat it out of and can’t go wrong with cookies, Monster cookies are a favorite. :-)

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    • Amanda B. May 26, 2015 / 3:21 pm

      You are so sweet! Homemade trail mix is a great idea :) Thank you!!


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