MONDAY FUNDAY | Grapefruit crush with a twist (and extra vodka)

grapefruit vodka cocktail

Mondays are rough for everyone. No matter how much you love your job… Mondays are just “blah”. But I’ve found if I have something to look forward to in the evening, my day flies by a bit faster!

Since the roommate is out of town and the boyfriend has class tonight… I’m lacking people to hang out with, so I’ve come up with other plans :)

With beautiful weather on the radar, I plan to FINALLY finish reading Portrait of a Spy out on my patio with an ice cold grapefruit crush!

Usually a grapefruit crush is made with orange liqueur… but since I have run out of that, I’ve made a little tweak to the recipe.

grapefruit crush


– Juice and pulp from one grapefruit
– 2 oz of vodka (pour a bit extra… no one is watching)
– Splash of sparkling citrus water (I used this kind)
– 1/4 lime juice
– Handful of ice

Step 1: Juice the grapefruit and lime into a glass

Step 2: Pour in the vodka :)

Step 3: Top the glass off with the sparkling water and ice

Step 4: Garnish with grapefruit and lime!

Four simple steps and you will be sipping on a cool, refreshing drink that tastes like sunshine!

The grapefruit I bought for this recipe was the best I’ve ever had (seriously)! Sometimes grapefruit can be overly bitter, but this was was so sweet and juicy!

Is it 5pm yet?? :) Happy Monday, everyone!

summertime grapefruit crush

I realized I’ve been slacking when it comes to making tasty cocktails this summer. I’m thinking a tasty concoction involving watermelon will be up next! Any great recipes I should try?

24 thoughts on “MONDAY FUNDAY | Grapefruit crush with a twist (and extra vodka)

  1. deliciouscityliving July 21, 2015 / 9:18 am

    This is the perfect summer drink!

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