MAKI SHOP | The DC sushi restaurant that stole my heart

Maki Shop dc roll

After one too many glasses of wine on Friday night, the boyfriend and I woke up with slight headaches (whoops). Not sure what would cure us, we began to list off different things to eat… mac & cheese, bacon, sushi…? The sushi idea stuck!

We remembered we had passed by an interesting looking sushi-to-go style restaurant on 14th street the night before. It was within walking distance and we could wear workout clothes to it (win, win!)… the sushi plan was in motion!

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SUMMERTIME FUN | 8 free things to do in DC during the summer

Billy Goat Trail DC Maryland

Nothing makes me happier than warm weather and sunshine (I still don’t know how the heck I ended up moving to DC with the snowy, dark, and freezing winters… but I digress).

In the summer, there’s an endless number of fun and free things to do in DC! Because after you go out on a Friday night to a new restaurant and spend $40 on dinner and $30 dollars on drinks… you’re looking to not spend a dime on Saturday :)

Here are eight ways to entertain yourself in DC without hurting your bank account (more than you already do on a regular basis).

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HAVE FUN | Summer bucket list

summer bucket list 2015

All winter long I was curled up in bed complaining about the cold weather and daydreaming about all the fun things I would do once it finally warmed up outside. But now that it’s warm, I forget all of them!

I refuse to let this summer fly by without doing everything I’ve been dreaming about for the last 6 months. That way next winter, instead of being sad (and frozen), I can think back to all the fun things I did… and plan more for Summer 2016!

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OLD GLORY | Getting my BBQ fix in Georgetown

BBQ old glory sandwich

This weekend, as the boyfriend and I were walking around Georgetown in search of some swimming trunks for him for Florida this weekend (first time he is meeting my father, EEK!), he asked me if I was hungry.

After four times of stating CLEARLY I wasn’t, we stumbled upon Old Glory… quickly I said, “well maybe I could have a little BBQ snack” :)

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FOOD COMA | OKI Bowl DC and Sake

OKI bowl DC and sake

Is it possible to fall in love with a meal? Who am I kidding, of course it is!

I fell in love Saturday night… and then fell straight into a food coma (aka best Saturday night I have had in a while)! Ramen + Sake = Heaven

(Note: there is nothing lady like about how I consumed this meal, but I’m ok with it)

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STEAK FEAST | Del Campo in DC

Del Campo steak

It was the boyfriend’s birthday and all he requested for his birthday dinner was “meat”. In DC, that left hundreds of restaurants to choose from. After extensive researching, review reading, and menu perusing, the birthday celebration location was selected, Del Campo!

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