pho dish

Everyone is obsessed with pho… it’s the new trendy thing to eat. If you don’t know what it is… here’s Wikipedia’s description:

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat.

The boyfriend and I headed to an award-winning pho restaurant in DC called… Pho DC (creative name, right?)

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BIRTHDAY DINNER | Green Pig Bistro

Green Pig Bistro  VA

I’ve been dying to go to the Green Pig Bistro ever since I got lost driving and ended up passing the place 3 times. It’s always crowded, on a pretty corner lot with loads of windows, and looks like it has a lively bar :) The moment I was asked by the boyfriend where I wanted to go for my birthday, I blurted out the name with no hesitation!

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DATE NIGHT | ENO Wine Bar in Georgetown, DC

ENO Georgetown DC

Wine is my jam. Specifically, red wine. Even more specifically, cabernet sauvignon.

A great part about moving to DC are all of the new wine bars I get to explore! I even met the boyfriend at one (quite an interesting story).. but, getting back on track… Friday night was date night. So what better place to go and relax after a hectic week than a beautiful, cozy, and tasty wine bar in Georgetown!

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DELICIOUS DINNER | Sequoia on the Georgetown Waterfront in DC

Sequoia DC

One of the boyfriend’s and my favorite places to go is to the Georgetown Waterfront. There are many reasons for this:

1) It’s right on the water (obviously), so it’s beautiful
2) They have amazing restaurants!
3) It’s one of the places we went on our first date for an after dinner drink, so it brings back fond memories

So it was last Friday night, and instead of being the “old” couple that we can sometimes be (drinking wine on the couch, watching a movie, and being asleep by 9:30pm), we decided to mix it up a bit and “hit the town”.

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BEST BRUNCH | Le Pain Quotidien in DC

LPQ Avocado and Tomato Omelette
There are hundreds of brunch places in DC. Some great, others horrid. Everywhere from a 5 minute wait, to 2 hours. When I wake up hungry on a weekend morning and am looking for something healthy, filling, and easy, I head to Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ).

Le Pain Quotidien

The boyfriend and I bundled up in our winter wear this weekend and wandered to one in DC for a morning feast.

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LATEST ADVENTURE | Colonial Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Winery

Williamsburg Winery

My married friends invited the boyfriend and me on a vacation to Williamsburg last weekend. Eager to get out of DC, we automatically said yes!

The drive was supposed to take 2.5 hours, but ended up taking 4… we were not happy campers. We rolled into the hotel finally around midnight on Friday. Our wild and crazy evening consisted of a quick “hello” to our friends, followed by an even quicker “goodnight”.

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soul cycle bikes DC

A few weeks ago my friend and I had the day off work. Lately, the two of us had been trying different running routes through the city; sometimes trails, other times bridges. But this particular day called for rain, so we had to come up with a new plan to work up a sweat.

We woke up early, drove into Georgetown, and tried our first SoulCycle class!

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LATEST FEAST | Astronomical Pancake & Waffle House

You know those mornings you wake up and feel as if you could eat just about everything in sight? That was this weekend! After a fun but exhausting weekend vacation with friends, the boyfriend and I woke up with only one thing on our minds… FOOD!

Astronomical Pancake and Waffle House

That’s how we ended up at a place called the Astronomical Pancake & Waffle House. It was seriously ASTRONOMICAL! Not only were we supplied with crayons as we waited for our order (reliving our childhood), we were then presented with the best breakfast feast we have had in quite a while. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a standard breakfast order, but it was out of this world!

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BEST ARTICLE | DC Metro bar map

Now that it’s starting to get a bit FREEZING (for a Floridian) in DC, the long walks to different bars and pubs is becoming less than ideal. That’s where this beautiful bar map comes into play!

DC metro bar map

No matter what metro stop you get off, you are never more than a few chilly steps to a warm and cosy drink. Enjoy! I know I will :)