HEALTH TREND | Jillian Michaels detox cleanse


Cleanses have always intrigued me. I think they’re a great idea, but I love food too much to cut it out of my life for few days and just drink juices.

I was surfing Pinterest the other day when I saw my friend had pinned a seven day tea flush by Jillian Michaels. Skeptical, I clicked on it and found out that all you have to do is drink a few glasses of this “tea” for 7 days. That’s it!

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LATEST ADVENTURE | Hiking the Billy Goat Trail in Potomac, MD


When I moved to the DC area from Florida, I had a few concerns:

1) How will I survive the winter?
2) How will I learn how to drive/ parallel park with crazy drivers honking every 3 seconds?
3) What on earth do people do for fun?

As the weather began to get a bit cooler, I asked around for fun fall activities a newbie shouldn’t miss out on. Over and over again I was told, “go on a hike”, so I did just that!

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LATEST RACE | Color Run, Washington, DC

ColorRun DC Group Pic Before After

For months I’d seen pictures of my friends who had done it and heard it was a blast… so I finally gave it a try!

The Color Run was coming to DC, so we gathered up a group of friends who (1) would be willing to run 3.1 miles and (2) didn’t mind getting a little dirty!

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