DEEP BREATHS | When your workweek feels like it will never end

quotes about no work stress

My roommate and I were talking last night, over a glass of wine as we sat on the couch working into the late hours of the night, that sometimes you just can’t do it all.

But if you’re a perfectionist (like we are) it’s very hard to accept that fact!

On weeks where you’re trying your hardest to keep your head above water at work, it’s important to breath and take a step back. Your work issues aren’t life or death (unless you are a nurse or doctor and then ignore everything I’m about to say!).

When the going gets rough, it’s important to remember that you’re only human (I will refrain from belting out the Christina Perri song right now, although it’s amazing!).

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GOOD MORNING | 5 things you should do every Monday before work

monday morning prep

If you’re like me, you plan a hundred things to do over the weekend and then get about 30 of them done…

I get a little over excited about having two days of free time that I over plan and make my to do list a bit too unrealistic.

Feeling a bit behind before the week even starts like me today? Here are five things to do every Monday to make sure you’re on tract for a productive week!

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LET’S GO | Three destinations I want to visit again

amazing destinations to visit again

It’s Friday and I’m stuck in the office for 2 more hours until I’m finally set free! Cold beer, boating, and jet skiing is calling my name this weekend in Colonial Beach… I just have to survive a few more emails.

In the last few hours of the day my mind tends to wander and I begin to daydream of far off lands and all of the amazing places I’ve seen.

Since reflecting on these trips made me so happy this afternoon, I thought I’d share my favorite destinations I’ve been to (so far) around the world. Here are my top three destinations!

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GIRL BOSS | 5 things you should never do at work

girl boss

Oh the working world… There are highs and lows… but as long as there are more highs than lows, you’re in a good place!

Over these last 2-ish years in the “real working world”, I’ve learned a few things (I think). I’ve seen people get hired, fired, promoted, and demoted… all of which brings me to the creation of this list!

You can never really be prepared for the working world, but these 5 “dont’s” are a good starting point!

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HAPPY FRIDAY | How to have a productive weekend

making the most of your weekend

Words can’t describe how happy I am that it’s Friday! I’m sure most of you (all of you) agree :)

The best thing about Fridays is knowing that you have TWO WHOLE DAYS to do whatever you want! But… one of the worst things is getting to Sunday night and feeling like you got nothing accomplished.

Here are my five tricks to making sure I have a fun but productive weekend so that when Monday morning rolls around, I wake up and feel ready to tackle five more work days!

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SNACK TIME | No one likes a hangry person

healthy snacks labara

HANGRY (han-gree) adj. = a state of anger caused by lack of food

Snacking is one of my worst habits. It could be 5am or right after Thanksgiving dinner and I will be on the lookout for a tasty snack.

Believe me, if I could snack on potato chips and chocolate all day long I would be a happy camper! But sadly, that’s just not the best idea for your heart or waist line.

As my boyfriend always says, “No one likes a hangry manderz!” (“manderz” is his loving nickname for me)

So to combat my hangry side from coming out, I always have healthy snacks on hand!

Since I would consider myself a snacking expert, I’ve created a list of my top 6 snacks recommendations! Fruity, salty, crunchy, chewy, chocolaty…. these snacks cover it all.

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august birchbox soak it up

Okay Birchbox… we are friends again! Our relationship is no longer on the rocks (now it’s relaxing by the pool with a frozen margarita).

After not being the happiest-of-customers last month, I’m back to loving them again!

My box arrived August 9th and was filled with wonderful goodies, two of which I would give an A+ rating and would actually think about ordering a full size of (big deal in my book)! Plus, I’ve been dying to get this box design :) Summertime pool box!

So wiggle out of your coverup, slide off your flip flops, and take a dip in the pool with me (aka take a peek inside my Birchbox this month!)

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STAYING FOCUSED | Is it 5pm yet?

staying productive at work

Some days, like today for example, I sit at my desk wondering how the heck it’s only 3pm…. I begin to daydream about large glasses of red wine (yes, plural)!

The moment this begins to happen and I still have 3 more hours of required productivity in the office, I take action! Here are my four tips to surviving the last few hours at the office. And no, sadly one of them is not sipping on wine in a to-go coffee mug at my desk (although that would be wonderful right now).

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WISH LIST | Is there a holiday coming up any time soon?

my wish list

I feel like when a holiday (involving gift giving) comes around and someone asks me what I want, I have no earthly idea! I rack my brain and all I can come up with are gift cards.

Yes, gift cards are very nice (any gift is very nice), but then the moment there are no holidays in sight, I think of a whole list of things I really want!

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