WITH LOVE | Happy Father’s Day

anchored to sunshine fathers day

I’m not one to write super mushy gushy stuff, but when it comes to my Father on this extra special day, I will make an exception.

I have always been a “daddy’s girl”, his “ace #1 helper”, and his “Noisy Nora”. My father pushes me to always be better, work harder, and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Today, I want to share with you 6 things he has taught me over the years (25 years to be exact!).

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THANK YOU | 300 followers and a giveaway!

300 follower giveaway

The giveaway is officially closed! The winner is Ashley from What’s She Reading!
Congrats and thank you all for participating and supporting Anchored to Sunshine! 

POP the champagne! It’s time to celebrate :) Today is a big big day for me (well technically late last night). Drum roll please… Anchored to Sunshine officially has 300 followers! As a thank you to all my loyal followers and to celebrate this personal milestone, I’ve decided to host a giveaway! If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll notice I love to read! Now that it’s summer, everyone is making their summer reading lists. This made it pretty easy to decide what I would be doing for my giveaway…

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SAY YES | June Adventure Birchbox

June Birchbox adventure

​My June Birchbox arrived yesterday! Just in time for me to pack away a few of the best items into my suitcase for my weekend at the lake house​.

This is my third Birchbox and I’m loving it so much more than I thought I would (I’m sorry I every questioned you, Birchbox fairies!)

There are many ways to spend $10… two Starbucks coffees, one bottle of wine, half a manicure, or a 1/3 of a SoulCycle class… So why not spend $10 on a box full of little goodies each month?

I’ve decided as long as I find ONE thing I love in each box then it’s worth it.

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MOOD BOOSTER | Four ways to turn a bad day around

rough day recovery

Happy Monday, blogger friends! Another week is upon us, which means we have a five full 8+ hour work days where we try to keep up the motivation to hit the gym daily, eat well balanced meals, not hit the snooze button too often, and try to do things we love in between it all (like read, hang out with friends, cuddle with the boyfriend, etc.)

I know there will be highs and lows this week (like every week), so I’m planning ahead! This week, if I’m feeling down (or I had an extra hard day at the office), I’ll attack my bad mood head on!

Here are the four tricks I turn to when I’m having a bad day.

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ABOUT ME | Love, Hate, Tag!

love hate tag

This was not the original blog post planned for today, but I was nominated by Ryane from Ryane Zamora Beauty to participate in Love, Hate, Tag!

I already have a few loves/hates listed on my about me page, but I might as well give you all a few more :)

The rules to Love, Hate, Tag are simple: the person “tagged” must share 10 things they love, 10 things they hate, and then nominate up to 10 other bloggers to do the same! It’s a great way to get to know others (and yourself actually).

As I sat down to write this list, I was shocked at how hard it was to get started… then I was even more shocked with how my list grew and grew!

Finally I narrowed it down to 10 loves and 10 hates :) and tagged a few bloggers I’m intrigued to find out more about!

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HAVE FUN | Summer bucket list

summer bucket list 2015

All winter long I was curled up in bed complaining about the cold weather and daydreaming about all the fun things I would do once it finally warmed up outside. But now that it’s warm, I forget all of them!

I refuse to let this summer fly by without doing everything I’ve been dreaming about for the last 6 months. That way next winter, instead of being sad (and frozen), I can think back to all the fun things I did… and plan more for Summer 2016!

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BUDGET TIME | Five easy ways to spend just a bit less every week


Living in DC isn’t cheap. Sticking to a budget isn’t easy (or always fun). But, there are ways to have fun, look great, and eat (and drink) well without killing your budget or social life!

And after yesterday’s slip-up, there’s no time like the present to remind myself of the importance of a budget :)

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SURPRISE SALE | Kate Spade is making my day!

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Your Tuesday just got 5 times better :) Or at least mine did! This morning I woke up to this beautiful tweet:

kate spade surprise sale

This was not the original blog post I had planned for today. Funny enough, it was actually about the importance of budgeting… I can start that tomorrow… (shh don’t tell my parents)

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