DAILY YOGA | 30-Day Yoga Challenge

30 day yoga challenge Erin Motz

I will admit, I was never a “yoga” person. No offense if you are, I just never understood it. I always thought going for a run was a much better workout than just “stretching”.

But, a few months ago my friend convinced me to try out a yoga studio. We went to an intermediate level class and within 10 minutes the instructor had us doing inversions (aka: us on our heads with our feet in the air). That is the day I realized yoga is tough!

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FITNESS COUPLE | 30-day squat challenge

fitness couple

The boyfriend and I have decided we’re getting a bit too comfortable sitting at home watching tv and drinking red wine every night. Although we both workout (he does every day… I try to every day haha), we are always looking for new ways to keep active and stay fit.

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