AVOCADO EGG | Upgraded egg-in-a-hole

baked egg avocado

I’ve seen this all over Pinterest and always wondered what it would taste like… Ever since avocados became a super trendy food to eat (and I finally accepted them into my life), people have been trying to put them with all kinds of things. Smoothies, baked goods, and now eggs!

I’m usually an “egg-in-the-hole” gal (egg and toast), but I finally gave in the other day and made an egg-in-an-avocado! They need to come up with a cooler name for it, but this recipe is super simple and delicious! Not to mention healthy :)

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GET FESTIVE | Simple guacamole recipe for Cinco de Mayo

simple guacamole recipe

​When it comes to holidays, I’m all about the food! Whether it’s the perfect stuffing for Thanksgiving, sugar-filled Christmas cookies for Santa, or lucky black-eyed pea soup for New Years, there are foods you just HAVE to have for special occasions.

Hence this perfect, super simple​, guacamole recipe for Cinco de Mayo! Just a few ingredients and you have the makings for a dish that will be the hit of the party :)

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avocado toast

I recently accepted avocados into my life. For some reason I never really liked them, or maybe I just never really tried them.

But a few months ago I bought one at the grocery store (I’m an impulse shopper), and after a day or two of staring at it, I decided I would do the grown-up thing and give it a true shot.

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