SUMMER READS | 5 books for my beach bag

best beach reads summer 2015

When I was a wee-little-tot, summers would be the perfect time to read all day long without having any other cares in the world. Now that I’m an adult (most of the time) I have other real life things to deal with during the summer…. like work.

My Goodreads “to-read” bookshelf is getting virtually stacked up to the brim with books I’ve come across that I want to read. This summer I’m not going to let my day job interfere with reading anything and everything I find appealing :)

Here are my first five books I want to tackle this summer, ideally on a beach with a cold drink in my hand and the boyfriend next to me!

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READING CHALLENGE | Books that have been on my shelf for way too long

reading challenge

I love books, if you haven’t figured out by now. And I’m also an impulse buyer… that’s a bad combo. It means the moment I see a book that looks good I have to buy it! Even if I have 15 other books on my bookshelf and am in the process of reading 2 others…

So, I’m making a rule this month. I can’t buy another book until I finish at least 2 of these 5 that have been gathering dust on my shelf!

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