OLD GLORY | Getting my BBQ fix in Georgetown

BBQ old glory sandwich

This weekend, as the boyfriend and I were walking around Georgetown in search of some swimming trunks for him for Florida this weekend (first time he is meeting my father, EEK!), he asked me if I was hungry.

After four times of stating CLEARLY I wasn’t, we stumbled upon Old Glory… quickly I said, “well maybe I could have a little BBQ snack” :)

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BEST ARTICLE | DC Metro bar map

Now that it’s starting to get a bit FREEZING (for a Floridian)¬†in DC, the long walks to different bars and pubs is becoming less than ideal. That’s where this beautiful bar map comes into play!

DC metro bar map

No matter what metro stop you get off, you are never more than a few chilly steps to a warm and cosy drink. Enjoy! I know I will :)