SUMMERTIME FUN | 8 free things to do in DC during the summer

Billy Goat Trail DC Maryland

Nothing makes me happier than warm weather and sunshine (I still don’t know how the heck I ended up moving to DC with the snowy, dark, and freezing winters… but I digress).

In the summer, there’s an endless number of fun and free things to do in DC! Because after you go out on a Friday night to a new restaurant and spend $40 on dinner and $30 dollars on drinks… you’re looking to not spend a dime on Saturday :)

Here are eight ways to entertain yourself in DC without hurting your bank account (more than you already do on a regular basis).

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LATEST ADVENTURE | Hiking the Billy Goat Trail in Potomac, MD


When I moved to the DC area from Florida, I had a few concerns:

1) How will I survive the winter?
2) How will I learn how to drive/ parallel park with crazy drivers honking every 3 seconds?
3) What on earth do people do for fun?

As the weather began to get a bit cooler, I asked around for fun fall activities a newbie shouldn’t miss out on. Over and over again I was told, “go on a hike”, so I did just that!

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