WEEKNIGHT MEAL | Simple shrimp pasta recipe

shrimp tomato lemon pasta

I’ve expressed my hatred before for cooking long, extensive meals during the week that yield 6 portions when I only have my little mouth to feed… it’s not only wasteful of ingredients, it’s wasteful of time too!

I’ve ALSO mentioned my love of frozen shrimp :) They are my go-to healthy dinner ingredient for when I haven’t been to the store in a while (or when I’m craving a bit of seafood… and I haven’t been to the store in a while).

Thursday after work was one of those days where all of the above was happening, so I created a simple shrimp pasta dish. The best part about it is that you only need two fresh ingredients (onion and tomato)!

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FROZEN SHRIMP | Go to the grocery store less but still eat healthy

shrimp beet salad

Lately I’ve been coming home from a busy day at the office and a hard workout at the gym craving a meal that will fill me up with healthy-goodness. That’s when I look in my fridge and sadly realize I haven’t gone to the grocery store lately and have little, to no, protein filled, nutritious dish to whip up.

How does a girl cope? I present to you, frozen shrimp! (Yes, I’m shocked I’m suggesting frozen shrimp too…)

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