SNACK TIME | Crispy curry chickpeas

crispy curry chickpea

I admit it, I have a problem. A snacking problem. Especially when the snacks are crunchy.

Give me a bag of pretzels, pita chips, popcorn, or cereal (literally anything) and it’ll be gone in a matter of minutes. This is sadly not a joke.

Because of this little “problem”, I try not to keep them in the house.

But sometimes you just NEED a little snack. This Sunday, after all of the fireworks, beer and bonfires, all I wanted to do was put my feet up with a good book and a tasty (but healthy) snack.

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GET FESTIVE | Simple guacamole recipe for Cinco de Mayo

simple guacamole recipe

​When it comes to holidays, I’m all about the food! Whether it’s the perfect stuffing for Thanksgiving, sugar-filled Christmas cookies for Santa, or lucky black-eyed pea soup for New Years, there are foods you just HAVE to have for special occasions.

Hence this perfect, super simple​, guacamole recipe for Cinco de Mayo! Just a few ingredients and you have the makings for a dish that will be the hit of the party :)

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HEALTHY SIPS | Simple green smoothie

simple green smoothie

Weekends are wonderful for so many reasons…. completing to do lists, longer gym workouts, no work emails, AND more time to try new recipes in the kitchen!

I’ve seen green smoothies all over Pinterest and blogs lately, so I finally decided to give it a go. Just like everyone claims, you can’t taste the spinach and they’re very filling!

A few simple ingredients and a blender are all you need. Next thing you know you’ll be sucking down a tasty green creation, feeling stronger and healthier than before, ready to make the most of the rest of your weekend… or at least that’s how I felt! :)

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WINTER SOUP | Easy turkey chili

easy turkey chili

Soup has become a staple lunch and dinner dish for me, in my never ending attempt to try and stay warm during this chilly winter in DC. This time, I took a stab at making homemade chili :)

I have to say, although it’s a super simple recipe, it’s quite tasty and delicious! Especially when paired with jalapeño cornbread. Just a few ingredients and BAM! A wonderful, filling, and warm meal to get you through the cold, dark days.

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JALAPEÑO CORNBREAD | Better than your grandma’s recipe, and easier

Jalapeño cornbread This takes your usual cornbread recipe and blows it out of the water. When you’re having something as delicious as homemade chili you have to pair it with something just as tasty :) And nothing beats this cornbread, I promise. The usual Jiffy recipe calls for one box of mix, one egg, and 1/3 cup of milk. IGNORE that recipe on the back of the box and follow these instructions instead! Continue reading

TASTY TREAT | Easy chocolate chip cookies

easy chocolate chip cookie recipe

The other day I got the random urge to bake…. again. I just wanted to get in the kitchen and rattle a few pans. This resulted in a tasty treat for the roommate, the boyfriend, and myself :) Chocolate chip cookies for all!

Simple. Straightforward. Delicious.

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THREE INGREDIENTS | Crock pot buffalo chicken

Crock pot buffalo chicken

Two days ago was a snow day (this Florida girl is still getting used to this concept)! With the snow came a strong desire to cook… since I was stuck indoors all day alone and bored out of my mind. Problem though, with inches of snow on the ground, I couldn’t make it to the grocery store.

After ten minutes of staring blankly into my fridge and cabinets, the perfect concoction came together! I found a way to turn three ingredients into a simple, edible crock pot dish. It filled my apartment with a warm, delicious smell that made me (just for a moment) forget about the arctic tundra outdoors.

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