SPIRALIZER FUN | Simple raw veggie salad

raw veggie salad

Once a month is book club night, one of the best weeknights of the month! It’s the perfect excuse to try a new recipe, sip wine with friends on a Tuesday night, and chat about books (and then gossip a bit afterwards).

Last week was book club. I’d already selected my wine and next month’s book recommendation. Now all I had to do was pick a recipe!

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ZUCCHINI NOODLES | How to make zoodles

cooked zoodle recipe

I’ve officially had zoodles every day for the last 4 days in a row. I’m zoodle obsessed!

If you don’t know what a zoodle is, I’m here to help. A zoodle is made from zucchini. You “spiralize” the zucchini into long thin strips (like noodles), and BAM you have yourself a “zoodle”!

You can mix them into anything under the sun or pile them high on a plate and pair them with a large glass of wine :)

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HEALTHY SIDE | Cauliflower rice recipe

how to make cauliflower rice

The boyfriend always comes to me with new meal requests, this time it was for cauliflower rice (aka “cauli rice”).

I don’t know much about the paleo diet but I do know I could never follow it (I love bread, milk, and wine WAY too much!) That doesn’t mean paleo dishes aren’t delicious though, like this dish!

I’m all about simple recipes, which you probably know by now, and I try to be a healthy eater. I have my slip-ups though, like today when I ate a whole Hershey’s bar… but I digress.

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HEALTHY SIPS | Simple green smoothie

simple green smoothie

Weekends are wonderful for so many reasons…. completing to do lists, longer gym workouts, no work emails, AND more time to try new recipes in the kitchen!

I’ve seen green smoothies all over Pinterest and blogs lately, so I finally decided to give it a go. Just like everyone claims, you can’t taste the spinach and they’re very filling!

A few simple ingredients and a blender are all you need. Next thing you know you’ll be sucking down a tasty green creation, feeling stronger and healthier than before, ready to make the most of the rest of your weekend… or at least that’s how I felt! :)

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HEALTHY BREAKFAST | Baked mixed berry oatmeal muffins

mixed berry baked oatmeal

I woke up this morning craving oatmeal. With the slightly chillier weather we’ve had for the last few days, I was hoping a hearty oatmeal dish would warm me up!

Instead of just a regular bowl of oats, I decided to whip up baked mixed berry oatmeal muffins! Not only are they delicious and healthy, but they are perfect to save for a few days and easy to devour on the go. And, the maple syrup sweetens the muffins up just enough to make them taste like a dessert :) It’s a win, win, win!

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FROZEN SHRIMP | Go to the grocery store less but still eat healthy

shrimp beet salad

Lately I’ve been coming home from a busy day at the office and a hard workout at the gym craving a meal that will fill me up with healthy-goodness. That’s when I look in my fridge and sadly realize I haven’t gone to the grocery store lately and have little, to no, protein filled, nutritious dish to whip up.

How does a girl cope? I present to you, frozen shrimp! (Yes, I’m shocked I’m suggesting frozen shrimp too…)

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HEALTHY LIVING | Small changes to a healthier life

easy tricks to stay healthy

We all go through times in our lives when we’re a bit healthier than others. When we are a bit more active, a bit more fit, and a bit more aware of our daily activities and how they affect our mood and overall health.

Here are three things that are directly tied to your health and a few ideas on how to trick yourself into doing them more often! Your body will thank you, I promise!

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