SIMPLE DINNER | “Healthy” pizza

healthy tortilla pizza

You know those nights when you get home late from work and all you’re craving is something warm and cheesy? I hate to say this happens more than I’d like to admit.

It’s hard to eat healthy all the time, but if you make small alterations to recipes when you want to indulge in, it’s not quite as bad for you.

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The other morning the boyfriend made me a cup of coffee. Grinning ear to ear, he handed me the cup and asked me to try a sip. I love him, but he isn’t the most advanced coffee maker… so I took a fearful slurp. It tasted like a regular cup of coffee (thank God!). Still smiling he asked, “Do you taste something different? Can you tell what I added to it?” Instantly my mind ran wild, what the heck has he put in it??

coconut oil health benefits

Coconut oil! Now the boyfriend may not be the best at making a morning cup of coffee, but he is a pro when it comes knowing how to stay healthy.

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SIMPLE RECIPE | Easy chicken pesto bake

cooked chicken pesto

I kid you not, during this meal I actually patted myself on the back because of how darn good this chicken was! It was one of the easiest recipes in the world, only required four ingredients, and took 3 minutes of prep time.

The result was a moist, flavorful feast! No joke, I’m making this again this week.

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avocado toast

I recently accepted avocados into my life. For some reason I never really liked them, or maybe I just never really tried them.

But a few months ago I bought one at the grocery store (I’m an impulse shopper), and after a day or two of staring at it, I decided I would do the grown-up thing and give it a true shot.

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SIMPLE RECIPE | Black bean burger


On a rainy Sunday night, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the grocery store. So I began my frantic search through the kitchen cabinets and fridge to see what I could mix together to form some sort of dinner.

A can of black beans come to the rescue! Looks like it will be black bean burgers for dinner.

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HEALTHY EATING | Healthy foods to keep in your kitchen

eat healthyJust like most people, I eat healthier when I keep healthy foods in my home. We all know that you can’t just survive on fruits and veggies (we all need a little candy stash somewhere in our home, just in case), but the healthier foods you have on hand, the more likely you will be to eat them.

Here are a few go-to items to always stock your fridge and pantry with. These will help you stay on track and not let mindless snacking (one of my biggest weaknesses) or unhealthy dinner options ruin your eating pattern.

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