DAILY YOGA | 30-Day Yoga Challenge

30 day yoga challenge Erin Motz

I will admit, I was never a “yoga” person. No offense if you are, I just never understood it. I always thought going for a run was a much better workout than just “stretching”.

But, a few months ago my friend convinced me to try out a yoga studio. We went to an intermediate level class and within 10 minutes the instructor had us doing inversions (aka: us on our heads with our feet in the air). That is the day I realized yoga is tough!

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FIT LIFE | Daily morning workout

daily morning workout routine

We all know how important staying active is, but sometimes you can’t help it. You either get home from work late and are too exhausted to pull on your gym clothes, or your coworkers want to go out to happy hour after work (and clearly you can’t say “no” to happy hour).

On days like this I feel a bit guilty for not getting any kind of workout in, so I’ve come up with a solution! No matter if I plan to hit the gym for a five mile run after work… or if I plan to hit up happy hour… I always do a daily morning workout to get my blood pumping!

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FITNESS COUPLE | 30-day squat challenge

fitness couple

The boyfriend and I have decided we’re getting a bit too comfortable sitting at home watching tv and drinking red wine every night. Although we both workout (he does every day… I try to every day haha), we are always looking for new ways to keep active and stay fit.

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