TRAINING TIME | Getting the right gear for my half marathon

half marathon running gear

I can’t believe I’m about to say this…. but my half marathon in DC is in 14 days! 14 DAYS! I feel like it was just yesterday I was saying it was 4 months away (eek!).

So while I was home in Florida this weekend visiting the ‘rents, I put on my charming smile and asked for new running shoes. They can’t resist the “Amanda smile”, so off to Fit2Run we went!

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WORKOUT PLAYLIST | Preparing for my half marathon

Parc del Guinardó

It’s important to always switch up your workout, but it’s just as important to switch up your playlist as well!

Music helps me get in the mood to pull on running shoes when I’m dreading a workout. Here are my go-to songs to get my head bobbing, my fingers snapping, and my feet running (now that I think about it, I probably look really really weird running).

I have a half marathon coming up in ONE MONTH in DC (waaaaaaa????) so I’m beginning to create a perfect running playlist! The last thing I want to do the night before the race is be up all night trying to remember what songs get me pumped…. been there, done that…

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