SIMPLIFIED RECIPE | Quinoa crusted chicken

quinoa crusted chicken tenders

I’ve seen quinoa crusted chicken all over Pinterest! I keep pinning it and pinning it because they look delicious, but I’ve never actually made it… until now!

I went to the store and bought the ingredients! That’s step one to creating these healthy chicken tenders :)

The problem… I only looked at the ingredients, not the actual steps of how to make it :(

Wash quinoa, cook quinoa, dry quinoa, bake quinoa, grind quinoa up into a flour….. waaahhh??? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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SIMPLE RECIPE | Easy chicken pesto bake

cooked chicken pesto

I kid you not, during this meal I actually patted myself on the back because of how darn good this chicken was! It was one of the easiest recipes in the world, only required four ingredients, and took 3 minutes of prep time.

The result was a moist, flavorful feast! No joke, I’m making this again this week.

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