PRESS PLAY | 5 best TV shows to binge watch on Netflix

best netflix tv shows

You know those days when you just aren’t feeling great and you’re curled up in bed, too awake to sleep but also too sick to get up? That’s what Netflix is for!

I’m fighting a stomach bug, so today I’m indulging in a little “me” time. My day will consist of Ritz crackers and hours and hours of Netflix. This is sure to cure me :)

Here are (in my opinion) the 5 best TV shows on Netflix perfect for binge watching:

  1. Orange Is the New Black
  2. Bloodline
  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  4. House of Cards
  5. Pretty Little Liars

Since my boyfriend would kill me if I watched True Detective without him, I think it will be an Orange Is the New Black kind of day. What’s your favorite Netflix show to binge watch?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week is starting out a bit better than mine.

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SEASON THREE | House of Cards drinking game

House of Cards drinking game

I love House of Cards… if you don’t, we can’t be friends (sorry). I’ve been binge watching season 3 and although the first episode wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping for (especially since last season, Zoe was offed right away), I’m still in love with it!

So, here’s a fun drinking game to play as you binge watch :) Just 8 easy rules to remember!

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