WELCOME HOME | Five house rules

how to make flowers last

The older I get, the more I can feel my OCD kick in. Plus, with a boyfriend who tends to leave his things all around the apartment and has butterfingers when holding a glass of red wine (yeah, that’s not a fun story)… it can really spark a freakout (I still love him though).

Because of this, I have come up with some house “rules” for myself to follow. Many of them are actually the opposite of “rules”… They are little things I keep in mind that help me feel calm, relaxed, and prepared for anything life throws my way.

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TIPS & TRICKS | How to make flowers last longer

make flowers last longer

Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful bouquet of flowers (hint hint… it’s almost Valentine’s Day!). But nothing makes me more sad than when they die quickly. Yes, half of the battle is picking the right kind of flowers at the right moment, but the other half is tending to them once you have plopped them in a vase at home.

rose trimmings

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to keep my bouquet looking fresh and chipper for a few days longer.

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