HAPPY FRIDAY | How to have a productive weekend

making the most of your weekend

Words can’t describe how happy I am that it’s Friday! I’m sure most of you (all of you) agree :)

The best thing about Fridays is knowing that you have TWO WHOLE DAYS to do whatever you want! But… one of the worst things is getting to Sunday night and feeling like you got nothing accomplished.

Here are my five tricks to making sure I have a fun but productive weekend so that when Monday morning rolls around, I wake up and feel ready to tackle five more work days!

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MOOD BOOSTER | Four ways to turn a bad day around

rough day recovery

Happy Monday, blogger friends! Another week is upon us, which means we have a five full 8+ hour work days where we try to keep up the motivation to hit the gym daily, eat well balanced meals, not hit the snooze button too often, and try to do things we love in between it all (like read, hang out with friends, cuddle with the boyfriend, etc.)

I know there will be highs and lows this week (like every week), so I’m planning ahead! This week, if I’m feeling down (or I had an extra hard day at the office), I’ll attack my bad mood head on!

Here are the four tricks I turn to when I’m having a bad day.

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HAPPY DAY | 8 things you should do every day

8 things you should do every day

We all lead busy lives and can easily get distracted from keeping up with the little things.

Below are eight things I try to do every day and I suggest you give them a try! These aren’t supposed to make you feel like you have a longer to-do list, instead it’s meant to make your day (and other people’s day) a bit brighter.

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TIPS & TRICKS | How to make flowers last longer

make flowers last longer

Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful bouquet of flowers (hint hint… it’s almost Valentine’s Day!). But nothing makes me more sad than when they die quickly. Yes, half of the battle is picking the right kind of flowers at the right moment, but the other half is tending to them once you have plopped them in a vase at home.

rose trimmings

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to keep my bouquet looking fresh and chipper for a few days longer.

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