GOOD MORNING | Nespresso is the perfect alarm clock

Nespresso machine

I have a pretty set morning routine; wake up around 5:30, spend an hour on emails and my blog and do a quick morning workout, all while sipping on a delicious Nespresso.

Some people think a good coffee is all about the flavored milk, others think it’s all about a whipped cream toppings and sugar. For me, it’s all about the quality of the expresso. And let me tell you something, Nespresso has figured it out.

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FIT LIFE | Daily morning workout

daily morning workout routine

We all know how important staying active is, but sometimes you can’t help it. You either get home from work late and are too exhausted to pull on your gym clothes, or your coworkers want to go out to happy hour after work (and clearly you can’t say “no” to happy hour).

On days like this I feel a bit guilty for not getting any kind of workout in, so I’ve come up with a solution! No matter if I plan to hit the gym for a five mile run after work… or if I plan to hit up happy hour… I always do a daily morning workout to get my blood pumping!

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