PUCKER UP | Simple lemon bar recipe

tart lemon bars

When life hands you lemons… or when Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell lemons individually so you have to buy a whole bag… make lemon bars!

They’re ideal for those long Fridays in the office when all you want to do is be outside frolicking in the nice weather… but instead you are stuck working away. Have a lemon bar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you wish! You’ll have more than enough to devour and to share with other depressed coworkers… the coworkers you like that is :)

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TASTY TREAT | Easy chocolate chip cookies

easy chocolate chip cookie recipe

The other day I got the random urge to bake…. again. I just wanted to get in the kitchen and rattle a few pans. This resulted in a tasty treat for the roommate, the boyfriend, and myself :) Chocolate chip cookies for all!

Simple. Straightforward. Delicious.

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SIMPLE DESSERT | Chocolate dipped pineapple

chocolate dipped pineapple

For Thanksgiving, I was given a large bar of fine European chocolate. It was very sweet of the gift giver (pun intended), but what does one do with it?

Now believe me, I could eat my way through that bar in a few days if I I wanted to… but I shouldn’t. And shockingly enough, I didn’t! (point: Amanda)

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