SUMMER RECIPE | Mexican chicken lime soup

lime cilantro soup

Even though it’s summer, I always crave something warm when I get home after a long day in my freezing-cold office (people, can the AC not be turned down just a bit?). I’ve also been growing cilantro for the last few months and I’ve been dying to use it in something besides guacamole :) With that, this soup recipe was born!

This soup is super simple to make, doesn’t require cooking the chicken first (I hate when recipes don’t factor that into the recipe), and is ready to eat in an hour and 15 minutes!

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WINTER SOUP | Easy turkey chili

easy turkey chili

Soup has become a staple lunch and dinner dish for me, in my never ending attempt to try and stay warm during this chilly winter in DC. This time, I took a stab at making homemade chili :)

I have to say, although it’s a super simple recipe, it’s quite tasty and delicious! Especially when paired with jalapeño cornbread. Just a few ingredients and BAM! A wonderful, filling, and warm meal to get you through the cold, dark days.

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