SMART SHOPPING | How to kill it at the grocery store

groery shopping on a budget

Some weeks I’m spot on with my grocery shopping… other weeks it’s a sad, sad fail (nutritiously and financially).

I either buy too much produce that goes bad before I can even get though half of it, or I end up making pasta and ordering thai via Seamless because I didn’t plan out my meals properly and only have a bag of kale chips to live off of.

Here are 6 tips I’ve come up with this last year of living alone to make sure I’m eating healthy while not throwing money away on unused/unnecessary goods.

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BUDGET TIME | Five easy ways to spend just a bit less every week


Living in DC isn’t cheap. Sticking to a budget isn’t easy (or always fun). But, there are ways to have fun, look great, and eat (and drink) well without killing your budget or social life!

And after yesterday’s slip-up, there’s no time like the present to remind myself of the importance of a budget :)

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