LATEST RACE | Color Run, Washington, DC

ColorRun DC Group Pic Before After

For months I’d seen pictures of my friends who had done it and heard it was a blast… so I finally gave it a try!

The Color Run was coming to DC, so we gathered up a group of friends who (1) would be willing to run 3.1 miles and (2) didn’t mind getting a little dirty!

If you’ve never heard of the Color Run before, it’s known as the “happiest 5k on the planet”. It was created to bring the community together and promote healthiness in “happy” ways. At each kilometer (0.62 miles) of the race you run through color stations where people literally throw handfuls of dried paint at you, around you, and near you (depending on their aim, and the wind). The Color Run is now the single largest event series in the US!

So knowing all of this, it only seemed right to make a tutu for it. If you are ever given the opportunity to run a race in a tutu, do it! You feel pretty BA.

The day of the race we arrived bright and early and it was a sea of white shirts, crazy outfits, and excitement. The event was truly the happiest 5k I had ever run.

If you are just getting into running or have a group of friends looking for a fun new adventure, this is the best weekend activity! Make decorative outfits, put on your running shoes, and get ready to get colorful! #happiest5k

Color Run DC SnadAA few tips:
1) Keep your eyes and mouth closed when you’re about to be hit with paint… I ended up with a blue tongue :p

2) This run is not meant for the “competitive” or anyone looking to record time. You are slowly released in waves and there are THOUSANDS of people. For a few minutes at the starting line we were just walking because there was no way to work through the large groups of people. This un-timed race is a blast, but you will not be setting any 5k records.

3) Wear white (and a tutu obviously) so you can really see your colors! Don’t skip any of the color stations, or else what was really the point of doing a “color” run???

4) Stay after the race! It turns into a huge party with a band, dancing, and (of course) flying packets of paint!

Happy running :)

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