BIRTHDAY DINNER | Green Pig Bistro

Green Pig Bistro  VA

I’ve been dying to go to the Green Pig Bistro ever since I got lost driving and ended up passing the place 3 times. It’s always crowded, on a pretty corner lot with loads of windows, and looks like it has a lively bar :) The moment I was asked by the boyfriend where I wanted to go for my birthday, I blurted out the name with no hesitation!

I have a friend who has been there many many times before, so I got the full low-down on exactly what to order:

– Buffalo ribs (which literally fall off the bone)
– Corn bread (with maple butter)
– Plats Du Jour (they’re meant to be an ode to TV dinners)
– Any dessert! (every single one is delicious)

So, the whole day of my birthday I starved myself (except for all the cupcakes and birthday desserts) so I could stuff myself with as many dishes as possible at dinner!

The restaurant is beautiful inside! Dimly light, cool tables, and just a great vibe in general.

When asked for what we would like…. the list got long:

Bone marrow toast

bone marrow toast
Buffalo ribs with house blue cheese dressing

buffalo ribs
Smoked duck breast with red wine, barley, cipollini and mushroom

smoked duck breast
Meat loaf plat du jour with veggies and mashed potatoes

meat loaf plat du jour
Special cheesecake dessert for my birthday :)

happy birthday dessert

The Green Pig Bistro is a perfect dinner date location just outside of DC. Just about every other table around us was a date, whether married (the people to our right) or first date (the people to our left).

I have a few things to blame my horrible photography on… the dim lighting, the bottle of wine, and the fact that it was my birthday :) But I left fat and happy. It was a perfect evening with the boyfriend and I’ll be back there again soon!

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