LATEST LISTEN | Now I See You: A Memoir by Nicole C. Kear

NowISeeYou_bookTruth be told, I was not too excited about this book being selected as the next read for our “Beltway Book Club”. I am not a big fan of memoirs, especially when it’s about a young girl being told she is going blind at age 19. But, like the good book club member that I am, I started reading Now I See You by Nicole C. Kear.

Well, technically, I started listening. Lately I have been on an audiobook kick. Not only is it a great way to stay entertained on my drive to and from work, but it’s also great to listen to in the mornings as I get ready, in the evening as I whip up dinner, or even during a workout when I climb on a treadmill at the gym with the non-working tv (#fail).

Not only was Now I See You hysterically witty and well written, I genuinely felt like I understood where the author was coming from. The unedited, raw, and sometimes awkward stories she would tell made the listener feel as if they were right there in the situation. What made listening to this book on audio even better was that the author was the one reading it! No one tells a story better than the person it happened to.

Although this book will make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions, it really isn’t that sad. Yes, the girl is going blind, but she has a very matter-of-fact attitude about the whole situation. She doesn’t sit there and whine, she makes the most out of life. And life really is about making lemonade out of the lemons it hands you, right?

Happy reading everyone :)

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